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Manufacturers of waste water, sewage water and effluent treatment plants

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Our best selling equipment is DAF which is a very good Oil water separator and reduces TSS to very low content.
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TPI INR 200000 INR 200000 Tilted Plate Interceptor removes free floating oil with efficiency up to 98% True 1461664586
CFS INR 250000 INR 250000 Cross Flow Settler has high efficiency in removal of both Oil & TSS (i.e upto 90 %) True 1461667185
Induced Gas Flotation
Induced Gas Flotation INR 4499999 INR 4499999 We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Induced Air Flotation System. The offered induced air flotation system is specially designed for the filtration of raw water supply. Our offered induced air flotation system is appreciated for removing large molecules, ions and particles from water. The offered induced air flotation system removes unwanted impurities and odor from water. Features: Stainless steel alloy construct Easy purification through filters High durability Specifications: Shell Thickness: 6 - 20mm Power Source: AC 380V, customizable Treatment Capacity: 5 - 200 m3/h Color: White True 1510057912
Funnel Type Oil skimmer
Funnel Type Oil skimmer INR 1849997 INR 1849997 Funnel Type Oil Skimmer Funnel Type Oil Skimmer are drive less weir systems specifically for closed tanks. As such, the funnel lips are set at a certain pre decided point of app. 15-20 mm below the estimated effluent level and the film above that level is skimmed through the funnels. We can only consider the estimated oil in the inlet for calculations. Specifications: Capacity : 225 Lph at 10 mm continuous layer of free floating oil Run Off Assembly : Ss-304 /Ss 316 M.O.C. Of Floats : Ss-304 /Ss 316 True 1510058983
Pipe Flocculator
Pipe Flocculator INR 65000 INR 65000 Pipe flocculator is a non-conventional Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) used for coagulation, flocculation and pH correction of effluent . In a Pipe flocculator, the mixing energy for flocculation is obtained by the turbulence in the mixing unit and the pipe. A coagulant is usually dosed to the raw water at the inlet of the PFR. Immediately after the dosing point a mixing unit is installed for the mixing of coagulant and raw water. The reaction is completed in the pipe following the mixing unit. Mixing energy and reaction energy in the mixing unit and the pipe are a result of turbulence (Reynolds number). Coagulation is the destabilization of the polluted matter in the raw water. Fine particles are formed, which are not ideal for separation. Flocculant has to be added to obtain separable particles. When the coagulation is completed a flocculant is dosed. Mixing of water and the flocculant takes place in a second mixing unit. Floc growth will further be completed in the pipe following the mixing unit. In this way a uniform, ideal floc can be formed for the separation of floc and water in a separator. The PFR is characterized by the plug flow model. The retention time is almost uniform and mixing energy is constant in the pipe cross section. As such, all particles will be subjected to the same amount of mixing energy and for the same period. This will result in a highly uniform floc with excellent separation characteristics. The mixing energy in the mixing unit is the most critical part of the flocculator, where as the pipe section provide the retention time to complete the reaction. The flocculator can be provided with additional fitting for dosing of chemicals for neutralization and dissolved air, in case of dissolved air assisted separation of the floc. True 1461666563
Bar Screen
Bar Screen INR 10000 INR 10000 K-pack bar screens are mechanical filters used for removed of all items and objects in the effluent and sewage. Applications are required in almost all cases Bar Screen can be categorized according to various properties: Removable type: Screen can be removed & replaced from Frame. Fixed Type: Screen is fixed to the channel or opening.This cannot be removed 1.Curved/Hyperbolic Fine screen 2.Flat Fine Screen 3.Basket screen(Manually operated) 1.Fine screens- 2.Medium screens- 3.Coarse screens- 1.Wedge Type Bar Screen: Easy to clean &lesser maintenance 2.Straight/Flat type bar screen Static screens are known for low installation and operating cost & high capacity per unit area of screen. True 1510120997
Drum type oil skimmer
Drum type oil skimmer INR 550000 INR 550000 Drum Type Oil Skimmers are generally limited to floating configurations. Drum type oil skimmer works on the principle of Oleophilic adhesion to the drum surface. The offered range of Drum Type Oil Skimmer is widely used in waste water treatment plant. Specifications: Capacity: 100 LPH to 48 m3/h Body: Anodized Marine Grade Aluminum /SS304/SS316L Drum Arrangement: Single Drum/ Double Drum True 1510121196
Sewage treatment Plant
Sewage treatment Plant INR 449994 INR 449994 Since our inception, we are engaged in offering premium quality Sewage Water Treatment Solutions. We use best sewage water treatment solutions to carry out the service effectively. This service is best for treating waste water & help to supply pure water in various places. Our sewage water treatment solutions are known for its professionalism & timely competition. Other Details: Advance equipment used Ensure pure water supply Effective Specifications: Power(W): 50-470W Capacity: 100000 Type: Water Treatment True 1510121425
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